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About Our Company

Our one-of-a kind mobile App for your smart-phone is the smart and fun way to shop! Klik Deals is loaded with thousands of FREE local deals around your city for shopping, dining, entertainment and everyday services.

Deals are changing all the time, so when you find a deal you just can’t live without, click on it to guarantee it for 24 hours. Now remember, get to the business before the deal expires or you will lose it forever. We never charge you anything, we simply offer you these amazing deals that you can utilize at your favorite business. Klik Deals is the ultimate guide to unlock the best things in your city.

We’re adding more and more deals every day. Don’t see your favorite business on Klik Deals? Contact us and let us know or better yet, let your favorite business know to contact us. Keep on Kliking.


How to use the Klik deal app?

It's very simple, just download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Search for the deals near you and Klik the deals.

How long is the coupon valid for?

Coupons are valid for 24 hrs.

What happens if the coupon expires?

If a person misses to redeem the coupon then it will be deleted from my deals and it's available for other customers.

Is there a cost to customers for using Klik Deals?

No, there is no cost to the customers. It's free for customers.

How can the deals be shared with our friends and family and how many times?

When you Klik the deal you want, there is an option below to share with friends and family. You can share as many times and to as many people.

What is the maximum number of coupons I can grab at one time?

Customers can grab 2 coupons at a time.

If my favorite business is not on Kilk Deals what should I do?

You should let that business know to Contact Klik deals or email Klik deals so that we can get that business on Klik Deals.



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